May 17, 2020

Normality returns. Kind of.

I have had my haircut. Life is returning to some kind of normality, there are cars and trucks on the road, and coffee is once more available.

It has been an interesting few weeks. Watching in disbelief the creation of mass graves in New York, the absolute emptiness of some of the great cities, Rome, Paris, London as people remained, like us, under lockdowns. A time to reflect and think about what is important, what the future may hold.

There have been a mixture of things. From the heartbreak of husbands, wives, children not being able to be with family members who did not beat Covid. From the incongruity here in NZ, as in other countries, of a Green Party and a Labour party, both committed to climate change legislation and action,, basically buying an airline. Understandable, necessary but ironic.

Locally I ran early in the morning, and would see the car delivering P to the neighbourhood. Lockdown or no lockdown some things continued. I ran passed houses and wondered about the safety of the women and children inside, my small city of Gisborne has an average of 10 police call outs a day to domestic violence cases. I ran passed people I recognize or know a little, damaged by alcohol or drug use, unable to stay within the walls, needing to get out, lockdown or no lockdown. To the police and other people who deal with all of this regularly, but particularly during lockdown thank you

I saw lots on the media about the USA, UK, Spain Italy, Australia. Some lately from Brazil. Not so much from Mexico or Algeria, or Iraq or the Democatic Republic of Congo or New Guinea. I know from friends in Thailand, how difficult it was there, though they have done remarkably well. But Myanmar/Burma or Cambodia life has been very difficult. Will we see large scale refugee movements again as people flee economic hardship.

I don’t know the future but I want it to be better. Keep safe. History tells us that viruses return, there are often second and third waves. We are blessed to live in a country like NZ. Keep your hearts soft.