Carbon removal
January 18, 2018

Carbon removal

Carbon in the atmosphere, global warming, the degradation of the planet, these are major concerns in our world today and there is not a day goes by without at least one media report on them. This article on a Swiss firm looking to remove carbon from the atmosphere makes interesting reading.

Developing a machine to literally suck carbon out of the air and then use it to grow vegetables seems like a good possibility. The article is fair minded, it reports on the downside, the cost to do it, the small amounts of carbon being taken out, the possibility of a waste of resources doing things like this and not other things. I am not a scientific expert, I cannot say one way or the other which is the correct way to do things. I suspect we will need to do many different things to keep global warming in check and keep our land and oceans clean, there does not seem to be one magic bullet. But it is encouraging to see new technologies and possibilities being tried. If we can plant trees to store carbon then maybe machines have their role too.

That is one of the reasons I love our wooden utensils. Sustainably harvested, for every tree felled another is planted in its place, no chemicals or lacquers used, only natural oils and loving care in shaping and sanding them. Made by someone who loves and respects nature and wants to provide people with high quality, long lasting and sustainable kitchen tools.

Have a wonderful day. Blessings