Plastic Waste Fishing Holidays
March 01, 2018

Plastic Waste Fishing Holidays

This is one of the best ideas I have seen. Plastic Whale

Spend part of your holiday in Amsterdam fishing for plastic waste that is in the canals. The plastic waste that is collected not only does not go into the oceans, it is upcycled into plastic boats, they make office furniture from the PET bottles they collect. Their goal is to go out of business, to have no more plastic to collect.

Plastic waste is such a huge problem, both on land and it seems especially the oceans. I lived in Bangkok for a decade and the amount of plastic waste that goes into the Klongs or canals there, then out into the Gulf of Thailand is staggering. It would be fantastic if something like this happened there.  

How many cities have rivers running through them that are dumping grounds for plastic and other waste. Check out the website for plastic whale, it is inspiring what can be done.

Here at Yompai we try and source goods that are sustainably made and ideally from small producers and manufacturers so the money stays in a local community. We are blessed to live in a stunningly beautiful place, Gisborne, on the East Coast of NZ. But there is lots of poverty here and a lack of jobs and unemployment. We like to think we can help relieve some of that by the business we do.

Have a Blessed day