Silk Dental Floss

January 28, 2019

Silk Dental Floss

Yompai has begun to stock and sell MPRESS Dental Floss. This is a high quality dental floss using Thai silk instead of plastic, helping to reduce the waste of plastic going into landfills, rivers, oceans.

Begun almost accidentally by a practical, helpful science teacher in a small remote Thai village, to help the villagers who had lost their incomes when a silk factory closed down.

This is a wonderful story of helping a small community improve economically whilst also helping reduce the amount of plastic we use. You need to floss your teeth, it is an important and necessary activity for healthy gums and teeth. But thanks to Mr Chaiporn we can do it in an environmentally better way.

We want to make it available to everyone, so it is only NZ $5 a packet.


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