Eco Products

We are looking to provide different products that are environmentally benign, that do not further degrade the planet and that help small communities.

Mpress Dental Floss is one of these products. Made from biodegradable Silk it was born of one man's desire to help his village and the people within it.

A science teacher in the remote village of Ban Hai Soke, in Udon Thani province,  Chaiporn Pattanajak was asked by the women of the village for help, after they had lost their jobs when a silk factory closed down. 

With an interest in machinery and a great deal of perserverance he set about making a filature machine. His idea was simply to make their own filature machine so they could spin the silk thread from the cocoons. The machine helped the women spin thread more efficiently and meant they could make more income.

One day, attending a seminar in Bangkok he talked with a man who was interested in the filature machine. Chaiporn discovered the man was a professor and a dentist, and his interest in the filature machine was because he was part of a Royal Project created by the Princess Maha Chakre Sirindhorn to develop and make dental floss in Thailand.

Inspired, Chaiporn returned to his village and set about adapting his machine to turn normal silk thread into dental floss.The key thing was to make the silk thread flat enough to go between teeth and into all the nooks and crannies. His first attempts were failures, the silk thread was too thin and broke and the wax covering was too thick.

But Chaiporn did not let failure stop him and over two years refined the machinery and the product until he had a dental floss that was thin enough to go between teeth and strong enough not to break. He took it to the dental faculties in top Thailand Universities who tested and certified it. 



Repurposed lives

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