Yompai looks to buy jewellery that is distinctive, handmade and that tells a story. Much of the jewellery we buy we source from NightLight International based in Bangkok, Thailand. Annie and Jeff are friends of ours and they have lived and worked their for over 25 years. Nightlight works with women from out of the bars of Thailand who seek a better life. Nightlight helps them with accommodation if needed and gives them training in a vocation or skill such as jewellery making, or shirt design and creation, or baking and cake making. Vocations that will give them a job, a hope and a new future. We look to source jewellery that is made by some of those women whose lives are being created anew, with grace and dignity. Repurposed for good.

When you buy a necklace or earrings made by one of these girls you literally give them the gift of life. You give them hope and dignity. You bless them,