Lemon Squeezer

Handmade  Lemon or Lime Squeezer

Each of these is individually made. You can see the love and care that has gone into each, how they have spent time making the wood perfectly smooth by hand sanding 5 separate times. By the way the grain in the wood has been brought to the fore.

As beautiful as it is the juicer is made to be used, with a simple hinged press.  It is not heavy but the Teak wood is incredibly hard.  You will be able to squeeze and juice with ease, and after use simply wash in warm soapy water after and then dry.. To keep looking great, periodically it can be lightly re oiled with any food safe oil.

Find out more about why Teak is such a great wood for Kitchen utensils here

This is environmentally friendly, and completely food safe. It was made without using any chemicals or laqueurs or colour dyes, it is only oiled with olive oil.

The lemon squeezer measures 20 cm's in length, 5 cm's wide at widest point and is 4 cm's high.

Don't use in a dishwasher, handwash and make sure it is dry. Cared for, it will last years.

Your purchase of this product supports a village and the surrounding environment and enables skills to be learnt and passed on.

This makes a wonderful addition to any set of kitchen utensils.

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