Handcrafted Curved Teak Wood Spatula

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Curved Teak Wood Spatula

Your kitchen and the food created there is the heart of your home.  You want to cook with utensils that reflect that. This Teak Curved Spatula is handcrafted and unique, high quality, made ethically and ideal for cooking. 

This curved spatula is handmade from sustainably harvested Teak Wood and  measures 34 cm's long and 8 cm's across the head. 

Made from Teak wood, which is very strong, hard and durable wood, The wood does not transmit heat like a metal utensil, nor does it splinter or crack like plastic, meaning it can be used in non stick pans and woks without scratching.

We have detailed more information about the qualities of teak  here

The curved shape makes it ideal for asian style cooking. The rounded corners make it ideal for woks and fry pans.

The spatula has been made with no lacquers used, it has not been chemically treated, nor colour dyed so it is 100 %  food safe.

Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil. After washing pat dry and store in a dry space. This beautifully made cooking utensil will last for a lifetime with simple care

This is individually handcrafted. The purchase of it helps maintain a village and the surrounding environment, enabling skills to be learnt and passed on.

Note each item is individually made, so grains in the wood will vary from piece to piece


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