Teak Wood Spatula Medium

Teak Wood Spatula Medium

This spatula measures 30.5 cm's in length and 7 cm's across the head.

It is ideal for cooking, and would make a fabulous gift for those who love being in the kitchen. It has a slightly rounded edge on the head.

Made from Teak wood, which is very hard and strong it is great for your cooking needs. The wood does not transmit heat like a metal utensil, nor does it splinter or crack like plastic, meaning it can be used safely with Teflon pans and woks.

There is a drilled hole in the handle allows it to be hung from a hook for storage.

There are no lacquers used, it was not chemically treated, nor was it colour dyed, making the spatula completely ood safe.

Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil.

NB each item is individually made, so grains in the wood will vary from piece to piece


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