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Yompai Limited. About us

Yompai is an importer and seller of handmade products from Thailand. 

We are based in Gisborne, New Zealand.  Great surfing, windsurfing, small population, remote from the worlds trouble spots, and with fantastic wines, cheeses, macadamias and other foods it is a fantastic place to live and work. I love living here

Having spent 12 years in Thailand and made many friends and business contacts there, upon returning home to Gisborne, it seemed a natural fit, to bring back some of the amazing things I had seen there. Such as sustainably harvested Teak wood utensils, all hand crafted, sanded 5 separate times and made with great attention to detail.

We also stock things like handmade jewellery, in a wide variety of unique designs and styles that reflect the diversity and culture of Thailand and whose sales help support women looking to escape prostitution, and work in meaningful work. Or Krajood handwoven bags, from a small village in the South of Thailand. 

We think you will love what we have. We are always looking to add new high quality products that support small independent businesses or communities.. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries paul@yompai.com or you can call if you have a question or query. Ph 0275114769



ph 0275114769

Our address is 

Yompai Limited

36 Kelvin Street


New Zealand 4010



This is Makarori beach looking South

Below is Bangkok. Such a contrast, but both amazing worlds in their own ways


Repurposed lives

At Yompai we source handmade,repurposed products that help

support communities. We'd love to share more with you.