Baan Lek Nai Pa Yai

  This is the center of one of  Thai Queens Sirikit's sustainable initiatives in Thailand.
The villagers have been given resources such as funding, equipment to develop a sustainable village, with organic gardens, fish farms and Teak tree planting and creation of Teak Utensils.
The goals are to restore the environment, which has been badly damaged by logging and clearing forest for large scale industrial farming such as corn. To enable the villagers to grow their own food and give them meaningful and purposeful work in their communities rather than having to go to Bangkok to work in bars or as taxi drivers.
Khun Wittisuk

He has returned to the village to be near and to take care of his aging parents. He has worked making Teak utensils for the last 6 years, working 6 days a week.He enjoys the work, likes using his hands and creating something that can be used.

He grew up in the village, it is home.


The following video is in Thai but is a tv documentary about Baan Lek Nam Pa Yai



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