Krajood Bag Creators


Our gorgeous Krajood bags are made in the South of Thailand in PhanangTung in Phattalung Province. They are made from Grey Sedge or Saltmarsh Bulrush. Krajood in Thai.  Krajood grows in the marshes and is often regarded as a weed because it grows so profusely but for the last 200 years the villagers have been harvesting, rolling, drying and weaving the Krajood to make bags, mats, fans and other items for their homes and lives.

They bag and the woven fabrics used are completely natural although at the end they have a lacquer spread on them to keep the bags strong and able to retain its shape. The process of making them is a community wide operation, each bag is made by hand with various people involved in the process, some harvest, some roll, some dry, some weave.

The sale of the bags has enable the villagers to stay together as a community, passing on skills and traditions that are over 200 years old


You can see the process the villagers use to make these gorgeous bags in the following videos





 The final products are so so gorgeous