HOM Thong Nude

These are HOM Nude Thongs . 
As with all HOM underwear they are a combination of style and comfort, made to look good and feel great. 
They have a front pouch and the material is 76% polyamide and 24 % elastane to give that super smooth feel. 

Sizes available currently 
EU 7 GB 38 US XL

The PLUME HOM thong is a thong for men in polyamide elastane for which the material, which is particularly thin, is as light as a feather. A must-have of its category, the PLUME thong for men brings you comfort and softness.

Thanks to its material, its thin elastic band, and its finishes, the PLUME thong is perfectly invisible under clothing and gives an unequaled second-skin sensation; so much so that it has been adopted by top models during the Fashion Week shows.

The microfiber material of this thong also provides the benefits of polyamide: a particularly soft touch, good resistance to friction, fast drying.

The elastic band of this thong is particularly thin, one centimeter wide, and which doesn't squeeze the waist; invisible under clothing.


NZ $16

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