Handmade Honey Dripper

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Handmade Honey Dripper

This honey dripper is 16 cm long and 2.5 cm wide at the head. 

It is handmade from sustainably harvested Teak wood. Teak wood, is very hard and strong it is great for your cooking needs. The wood does not transmit heat like a metal utensil, nor does it splinter or crack like plastic.

Use this handmade honey dripper for the easy and non mess way to serve honey. The grooves in the head control the amount of honey that can be spread at one time, and allow the honey to be spread in a wider pattern rather than one lump like a spoon.

There are no lacquers used, it is not chemically treated, nor is it colour dyed, making it food safe.

Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil.



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