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Handmade  Wooden Eating  Chopsticks 

These are individually handcrafted wooden  chopsticks in a medium length, Each one is made from sustainably harvested Teak wood, they are strong and durable. Having been sanded 5 times, they are also very smooth and comfortable to hold and lovely to eat with.

For those that want a pair of wooden chopsticks that are not plastic or discardable, these are washable and re-useable. They are made from sustainably harvested Teak wood, are strong and durable, able to be used over and over.

* The chopsticks measure 25 cm's long, 5 mm's wide at the base and 1 mm's wide at the tip. 

There were no chemicals or lacquers  or colour dyes used making each wooden chopstick, so they are 100 % food safe.

Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil. 

These are  individually handcrafted. The purchase of them helps maintain a village and the surrounding environment, enabling skills to be learnt and passed on.

Why use our Teak wood kitchen utensils?  You can see  a fuller description of the reasons that Teak is so good in your kitchen by following the link.


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