Teak Cooking Utensils


Handmade Teak Kitchen Utensils - repurposed

Twenty years ago, the villagers of Baan Lek Nam Pai Yai were nomadic slash and burn farmers. 
slash and burn of northern thailand forest
organic farming in village
 A grant of land from the Thai Queen Sirikit enabled them to live in one place. Specialists taught them organic farming, fish farming, and the craft of making kitchen cooking utensils by hand
As well as making this villagers are paid to replant native trees on the hillsides. Communities and villages cannot be healthy if the environment they live in is healthy
replanting deforested hillsides
villager making Teak kitchen utensils
Previously men and women went to Bangkok, men to be taxi drivers, women to sell themselves in bars and massage parlours. Now they can stay in the village and employed in meaningful work amongst family.
Villagers who had been away were able to return to take care of elderly parents
villager returned from Bangkok to look after aged parents
Literally, each teaspoon sold by us helps in a small way to restore the environment, to keep women from prostitution. We buy direct from the village.   The wood comes from either sustainably harvested trees or in most cases, from wood that is left over from building sites and is repurposed.
tools for making kitchen utensils
villager handmaking measuring spoons