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Handmade Curved Wooden Spatula

This handmade wooden spatula is made from sustainably grown and harvested Teak wood.  Each piece is individually made, lovingly created to be used in your kitchen.

Because Teak wood is very hard all of our wooden spatulas are strong and durable and do not splinter or crack along the edge like plastic, meaning they can be used safely with Teflon pans and woks and cast iron dishes.  Our wooden spatulas are all handcrafted by expert craftsmen, all of them are high quality utensils for your kitchen.

This curved Spatula measures 38 cm's in length and 8 cm's across the head. It has a strong rounded smooth handle, and a curved head, for woks and fry pans.

It is ideal for cooking, especially asian foods, and would make a fabulous gift for those who love being in the kitchen. Because it is made from Teak wood, it does not transmit heat, so will not burn your hands.

There were  no lacquers used, it was not chemically treated, nor colour dyed in the making of this spatula, so it is 100 % food safe.

Why use our Teak wood kitchen utensils?  You can see  a fuller description of the reasons that Teak wood is so good in your kitchen by following the link.

Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil. | wooden kitchen utensils

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