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Handmade Wooden Ladle Large

This is a beautifully handmade wooden ladle, made  from sustainably harvested Teak.

This ladle can be used in hot soups, broths and curries. Unlike metal utensils this wooden ladle will not transmit heat, and being natural wood nor will it leach any chemicals into your food.

This large wooden ladle is 39 cm long, the handle is 2.5 cm thick at its widest point, and the head is 8 cm's across and 3 cm's deep. It has an eyelet in the handle for easy storage

Each of these ladles  is individually made by members of a small village. You can see the love and care that has gone into each, how they have spent time making the wood perfectly smooth by hand sanding 5 separate times, in the way that the grain in the wood has been brought to the fore.  This is a stunning wooden utensil for your kitchen.

For anyone wanting sustainable, non plastic, non toxic kitchen utensils, this is ideal for your kitchen and table.

There are no chemicals or lacquers or dyes used in making this, it is only the natural wood, it is  completely food safe. Handwash only and make sure it dries before storing it away. Oil with a food safe oil as needed.  Dry after washing and leave in  a dry place. Oiling will make the grain darker over time Do not soak; wood is porous and will soak up water which may cause the wood to crack when it dries. Do not store in direct sunlight as this may cause warping and discolouration.

Your purchase of this ladle helps maintain a village and the surrounding environment, enabling skills to be learnt and passed on.

Why Teak wood utensils for your kitchen?  You can read  a fuller description of the reasons that Teak is so good in your kitchen by following the link. We have New Zealand's widest range of wooden utensils.

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