Can you use your spatulas to cook with?
May 13, 2022

Can you use your spatulas to cook with?

That is probably the most common question we are asked.

Can you really use wooden spatulas and spoons to cook with, drink tea and coffee from our cups, use the bowls to eat muesli or curry or rice from?

 All of our spatulas, spoons, cups, bowls are made from Teak. Teak is strong, and waterproof.

Our spatulas don't splinter or crack. Our bowls and cups do not leak.

Non stick pans, cast iron dishes, you can use Teak spatulas in all of them.

Put tea in our cups, put hot seafood chowder in our bowls.

The question we love to ask is what do you cook with your spatula? What do you eat from your bowls?

Would love to hear your stories