Cooking Chopsticks
September 10, 2023

Cooking Chopsticks

One thing  I am noticing at different markets or trade shows is the increasing popularity of cooking chopsticks.

They can be a great way to cook. Some of the ways they can be used in cooking include, but not limited to:

Stir-fries: Cooking chopsticks are perfect for tossing and flipping ingredients in a hot pan. They can also be used for stirring sauces and marinades.

Noodle dishes: Cooking chopsticks are ideal for picking up noodles and tossing them in a sauce. They can be a good way to stir noodles and fried rice

Dumplings: Cooking chopsticks can be used to pick up and shape dumplings before cooking. They're also useful for flipping dumplings in a pan.

With cooking chopsticks think also pancakes, frittatas and omelettes.

Just depends how confident you are with chopsticks but they are another great option in the kitchen, not just when eating.