Microplastics in plastic cutting boards
June 27, 2023

Microplastics in plastic cutting boards

Microplastics are something we have become much more aware
of in recent years. Both in terms of where they are being generated and where they end up eg the oceans, in our foods and in our bodies.

Science and research are revealing many different places that we are creating microplastics and some are surprising.

One that I should have thought about, but never made the connection to, was plastic cutting boards. A simple google search, “Does using a plastic cutting board create microplastics?” comes back with different answers, some more authoritative than others, but overwhelmingly it seems that yes, we shed microplastics every time we cut something on a plastic cutting board.
Obvious when I think about it, but I was slow to make the connection.

Not only do we shed microplastics, literally straight down the drain
and into the ocean, we also shed them into the foods we are cutting. The very foods we then eat and from there into us. Meat seems to be particularly problematic at retaining the shed microplastics.

 Wooden cutting boards, by contrast, don't put microplastics in either the ocean or your food. Find a good well made wooden board, it is better for you and