Our wooden avocado knife technically is not a knife
May 22, 2024

Our wooden avocado knife technically is not a knife

The average Thai does not eat avocado often, if at all, they are too expensive. But here in New Zealand we eat avocado's often, at least when they are in harvest. Then the cost of them plummets.

But separating the flesh from the skin is not always easy, especially if they are very ripe. Either a messy pile of the flesh, or bits of the skin sticking to the flesh as it is extracted.

I had these small wooden blades/spreaders and was using them for spreading jams and honeys, soft cheeses and things like mustards and chutneys. One day I decided to use it for avocado, which I was going to spread on cracker biscuits for morning tea. I had the avocado in two halves and slid the blade in between the skin and flesh, intending only to get enough out for my crackers. But it slid around the half of the avocado so easily and when I got back to where i had first started and lifted, the entire half of the avocado came out in one piece. 

It was so easy and smooth, I tried it on the other half of the avocado with the same result. From memory I tried it on three different avocados. each one the same result, smooth easy extraction of the avocado, and they were in different stages of ripeness. 

Looking at the blade I realised it was the slight curve that was allowing the blade to slide, not just down the side but also underneath the avocado flesh, meaning it came away in one piece.

I gave a couple of the blades away to friends to try, they came back and wanted to buy some more, for family members or their friends. Taking them to small local markets I got the same result. People came back and wanted more, they were so easy to use.

But I was not sure to call the item. I settled on knife because while technically not a knife, it does cut the flesh out from the skin. It seemed a bit more accurate than just spreader or blade. It meant people asked about it, so I got the chance to explain how to use it.

If you have a name that you think would be better, message and let me know. 

I have a small video of using the avocado knife. It was a very very ripe avocado but still did the job. View the video here