wooden fish slice and wooden spatula
April 01, 2024

Plastic free spatulas, why they are important

We use spatulas, turners and fish slices to cook many of our foods. From Stir fries to pancakes, cooking in woks to flipping burgers spatulas are one of the most widely used cooking utensils in a kitchen.

If you are using a plastic spatula or fish slice, then the combination of the heat of the pan and the abrasive movement of the spatula head against the pan, means that there are microplastics being shed. 

Where? Into the pan, and into your food. Directly into your food, so that when you serve it, you are literally ingesting micro plastics. And when you wash your spatula or fish slice, the rest of the micro plastics are going down the drain, and into rivers and oceans and the wider aquatic ecosystems.

If you are looking to cut out plastics, and especially the risk of micro plastics then changing your plastic spatulas and turners is one of the key ways to do it.

We have a wide range of wooden spatulas, with no plastic, such as the curved wooden spatula or the rounded wooden spatula