Spatula or Turner or Fish slice
November 17, 2017

Spatula or Turner or Fish slice

Spatula or Turner or Fish Slice

What is the correct name. Turns out their really isn't a correct name, though their are regional variations and people have their own preference.

There are a variety of things that people think that differentiate a spatula from a turner. Things such as the material they are made from eg wood or rubber. The use of the tool eg spreading things or turning things over. The shape, for instance narrow versus broad. Or whether they have holes or slots

But the main difference is the use.  A turner or flipper is one kind of spatula designed to be good at turning or flipping things over.

The word Spatula is actually very old, dated back to 1525. It is related to spade (garden tool)  and  spade (the card suit) amongst others. It is a broad term describing a tool that has a flat end on a handle.

Whichever word you use though, the reality is that you can never have too many in your kitchen. They are so useful, and for so many different things.

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