Squeezing lemons
February 26, 2024

Squeezing lemons

My mother has had a bad cough for the last few days. While she has been using cough lozenges and syrups at times, mostly she has been making lemon and honey drinks. We have several lemon trees on the property so we had enough and they were free.

So the wooden lemon squeezer has been busy. Usually I would squeeze a couple of lemons at a time, which seemed to make enough juice for a day - she was mixing the juice with hot water to dilute it.

The go to has been the wooden lemon squeezer. Simple to use, I have just sliced the lemons into 4 quarters, then put them with the skin on top and slowly squeezed. With the lemons squeezer sitting on the top of a jug, the juice flows out of the holes on the bottom into the jug, no pips, nothing but juice. 

Lift the lid, throw the skin that remains into a colander and do the next one.

At the end simply handwash the lemon squeezer and then leave to dry. I will oil the wooden squeezer once my mum's cough has gone but has been a great tool to use.

No plastic

Waiting now for the limes and the grapefruit to ripen.