What makes Thai food taste so good ?
January 20, 2022

What makes Thai food taste so good ?

What makes Thai food taste so good?

There are lots of things that go into making Thai food taste so good, from regional dishes to the combination of tastes each meal bring. But there are some common elements to Thai food

1. Soy Sauce 

Soy sauce has that umami flavor so pronounced  in Asian foods.  There are different types of soy sauces. There’s light, sweet, and dark soy sauce.

Light is the most common kind and is used in cooking or as a salty dipping sauce. Sweet is dark, thick, and perfect for noodle dishes or stir-frys. Dark is rich and a bit less salty, great for imparting color and flavor. 

2. Chilies 

Chilies add spice to Thai dishes and come in a few different forms. 

Fresh bird’s eye chilies are flavorful and hot!! They come in both red and green varieties and are used in spicy sauces and stir-frys.

Dried red chilies,  are great for making curry pastes.  

3. Jasmine Rice 

Jasmine rice is a long-grain and aromatic rice. It’s commonly used in Southeastern Asian cuisine  it’s soft, sweet, and sticky.  

You’ll often see it paired with stir-fried vegetables and on the side of curries. 

4. Coconut Milk

Coconut “milk” is made by grating the coconut flesh and soaking it in hot water. 

When it comes to Thai cuisine, it’s a common ingredient when making curries and soups. And although it’s not real dairy, it provides a creamy texture and balances out the heat from spices or peppers. 

5. Curry Paste 

Thai curry pastes are the foundation of all Thai curry dishes. They provide the dish with spice and a tremendous amount of flavor.

The 5 different types of curry pastes are red, green, yellow, Massaman, and Panang. Each one has a unique flavor profile, but they are all made from some type of herbs, spices, and aromatics.

6. Palm Sugar 

Palm sugar is a type of sugar made from the sap of a coconut palm tree.

It’s the most common kind of sugar used in Thai cooking and is used instead of brown or cane sugar. And while it’s similar to these sugars, it has a slight caramel flavor and more mild sweetness. 


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