Why a wooden cup?
May 29, 2023

Why a wooden cup?

Why use a wooden cup? Won't they leak? Don't they taste funny?

There are a few questions around wooden cups. Yet throughout history people have been using wooden cups, for a long time because other materials were simply not available and then in more recent years, because people have been trying to go back to more natural, eco friendly materials.

Do wooden cups leak? Certainly some will, depending on the wood they are made from, unless they have been sealed with something to prevent that, But some tree types such as Teak are naturally waterproof. Even without anything added to the wood, they do not leak.

Wooden cups also do not transmit taste or smell to what you are drinking, When you drink from a wooden cup the taste and smell of the drink is unaffected by anything in the cup. Your coffee or tea only has the taste and aroma of coffee and tea.

Wooden cups are light and strong, you can take them camping or to a picnic or the beach, and if you lost it in the bush, they are biodegradable, unlike a plastic or metal cup. 

Aesthetically they are very pleasing, with the grains and hues of the wood giving a warm natural feel if they are on your kitchen table or sitting outside.

Wooden cups have been around a long long time, for good reason, They have many advantages.