wooden soup bowl and wooden soup spoon
February 19, 2024

Why is Teak wood naturally waterproof?

Teak wooden utensils - naturally waterproof

If you are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly wooden utensils, then Teak wooden utensils are hard to go past. They are very strong, very durable and long lasting.

But perhaps the main reason for their being such great wooden utensils is that Teak wood is known for being naturally waterproof. That is why it is used in boat decks and boat building and also why it is often used in outdoor furniture.

So why is Teak waterproof and other woods are not? There are actually several reasons for this.

One is that Teak wood contains natural oils, primarily Teak oil and rubber. These help prevent water from penetrating the wood and causing damage or rotting. It is also these oils that give Teak wood the characteristic golden brown colour and the rich aroma of the wood.

Another factor that helps make Teak wood waterproof is the high silica content. This adds to the woods density and gives it resistance to water, as the silica helps fill the woods pores and reduces the ability of water to seep in.

A third factor is that Teak wood has a very tight grain structure, the wood fibres are very closely packed together. This tight structure minimizes the space available for water to get into the wood.

And if that was not enough, the chemical composition of teak wood, including its resins and tannins,  act as natural preservatives of the wood,  helping to protect the wood from decay, from fungi and from pests.

So if you are looking for a wooden bowl or a wooden cup, then look for a Teak one. It does not need any lacquers, or any chemicals put on the wood to make it waterproof. It already is waterproof, naturally so. You can put foods like soups and sauces, drinks like milk or coffee in your wooden bowl or cup, knowing it is 100 % food safe.