Why use wooden toast tongs?
February 27, 2023

Why use wooden toast tongs?


The primary reason is for safety. Metal tongs are like metal knives in your toaster, dangerous. Wooden Toast Tongs, if dry, are not good conductors of electricity and are safe to use to extract your piece of toast or bagel that has gotten bent out of shape in the toaster. 

Our Teak wood tongs do not have any chemicals or lacquers on them and will not leach anything into your toast. Whether taking the toast from the toaster or from a toast rack to your plate, a wooden toast tong lets you pick up hot toast without burning your fingers and have it on your plate looking pristine and ready for your avocado or jam, honey or marmite. 

Wooden Toast Tongs have a wide range of uses. From getting olives out of a jar, to serving cheeses or fruit slices, they are truly multi purpose.

They are also so easy to clean, simply wipe with a little soapy water, rinse off and dry.  Keep life simple.