Wooden Spatulas are incredibly versatile
November 21, 2023

Wooden Spatulas are incredibly versatile

We love wooden spatulas, they are one of our go to kitchen utensils. They are incredibly versatile and are useful in all sorts of ways.

Some of them, are below. Note, no one spatula can do all these things. Some require curved spatulas, some require thin blades, some need wide blades. That is why we offer a varied range of wooden spatulas

  1. Flipping and Turning: Wooden Spatulas with a flat, wide blade are perfect for flipping and turning items like pancakes, eggs, burgers, and fish in a pan.

  2. Mixing and Stirring: Wooden Spatulas are great for mixing and stirring ingredients in bowls or on a stovetop. They are heat-resistant and won't scratch non-stick surfaces.

  3. Lifting and Serving: A wide, flat wooden spatula is useful for lifting and serving slices of cake, pie, or other delicate items without breaking them.

  4. Sauteing: In sautéing, a wooden spatula is useful for moving and turning ingredients in a pan, ensuring even cooking.

  5. Removing biscuits: A thin, flat spatula is ideal for lifting biscuits or  other baking off baking sheets without breaking or damaging them.

  6. Folding: Spatulas can be used for gently folding ingredients together, such as incorporating whipped egg whites into a batter.

  7. Cleaning Mixing Bowls: Use a wooden spatula to scrape down the sides of mixing bowls to ensure all ingredients are incorporated into the mixture.

  8. Scrambling Eggs: A small wooden spatula is often used for scrambling eggs in a pan, ensuring even cooking and preventing sticking.

  9. Stir-Frying: In stir-frying, a wooden spatula is essential for quickly tossing and turning ingredients in a hot wok.

  10. Dividing and Portioning: Wooden Spatulas can be used to divide and portion out items like casseroles, lasagnas, or brownies.