Wooden Toast Tongs - not a new thing
January 04, 2024

Wooden Toast Tongs - not a new thing

If you have ever burnt your fingers trying to get bent or broken toast out of the toaster you know how much of a lifesaver wooden toast tongs are.

The thing is wooden toast tongs actually predate toasters.

Before the invention of modern toasters,  toasting bread was a delicate task involving an open flame, and there was an obvious need for a tool to hold the toast and save fingers. Enter the wooden toast tong – a simple yet ingenious solution that has endured for a long time


Even today in the modern kitchen where your fridge is connected to the Internet and every tool or utensil has a chip or sensor in it, wooden toast tongs have a place. Their appeal lies in their simplicity and functionality. Unlike metal tongs, wooden versions are gentle on non-stick surfaces and provide a natural, heat-resistant barrier between your hands and the hot toast. No one wants to put a metal fork or knife in a toaster to get out that piece of toast.

Wooden toast tongs are also very versatile. They can be used for ice cubes, getting tea bags out of a cup or pot of tea, taking olives out of a jar or serving crepes and small pancakes.

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