April 26, 2018


It is Autumn (Fall) in New Zealand at the moment. The days are growing shorter and the evenings and early mornings are cool but there is a stillness and beauty as everything changes colour. Each day we have a couple of Kereru or NZ wood pigeons coming close to feed on the guava berries. Usually they turn up a 2/3 times a day. Quite amazing how big they are. You can hear them coming, they make quite a bit of noise as they fly in. The Maori used to eat them but they are protected now. 

I cannot remember seeing them when I was growing up, I think the numbers are increasing, certainly in the area we live in. But probably seeing more because we also now have trees growing that contain food for them. Whatever the reason, it is great to see them each day. Feel privileged to look out the window and see them

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