Pohutakawas in blossom
December 07, 2021

Pohutakawas and summer

Pohutakawas and Summer

It is nearly Christmas, three weeks to go, and definitely summer with temperatures in the mid to high 20's the last few days. The Pohutawas are in blossom, there is bright crimson everywhere I go at the moment, across the river, down the road, at the beach. 

Covid and vaccine passes do not affect the pohutakawas, they blossom anyway but usually this time of year I travel often to Ohope market and passing along the coast from Opotiki to Ohope there are large numbers of trees in bloom. I miss being able to go see them.To be at the market, meet friends.

It has been that kind of a year, in many ways normal, but lots of changes also, and for people in Auckland it has been much much more restrictive. 

Here's hoping next years Pohutakawa blossom heralds better times, a summer when the divides of vaxxed and unvaxxed are a memory only and peoples lives have returned to normality