Simple communities but wonderful craftsmen
January 29, 2024

Simple communities but wonderful craftsmen

The villagers who create our wooden kithen utensils are not high tech. There are no lasers or robots that control production. Each wooden utensil is literally created by hand. Sometimes we have customers that want a set of wooden spoons or wooden bowls that are identical and get frustrated when I cannot supply that. I understand the frustration but it is not possible to create that by hand.

Each craftsperson looks at the wood, the grains, the shapes, any knots and allows the spoon or the bowl to be crafted that they see within the piece of wood they are working with. One wooden spatula may be a few mm's longer than the next. A bowl will have different grains than the next, maybe a slightly wider base. It will be very similar but not identical.

It is a slower process than factory manufactured.  It only allows limited numbers of wooden spoons or wooden spatulas to be produced each day.  But the process allows the villagers autonomy over their work, and the capital demands are not so great. Also, there is an intrinsic feeling of worth in creating high quality wooden utensils alongside family member and friends. A slower, more sustainable work and life.

My own life can get busy and frantic. But some days I take time out to drink coffee from my own wooden cup, to take time to enjoy what life has given me, to enjoy the moments. Each day can be similar, there are regular patterns in my life. But like my handcrafted cup, that is very similar to the other cups, it is also unique. My days may be similar, but they are unique, each one has its own joys and sorrows. It is for me to enjoy each of them.