curved wooden spatula
March 18, 2024

Angled wooden spatulas

Angled wooden spatulas can be used for a variety of specific purposes.

There are many types of spatulas, with different sizes and shapes. Many people use angled ones in much of their cooking, including Thai people who often use angled wooden spatulas in cooking meals. But they are a versatile kitchen utensil, handy for all kinds of cooking and baking.

They are wonderful for use in Stir fries, with the angled, flexible blades ideal for stirring and tossing and tossing of cooking ingredients in a fry pan or wok. Because of the angle of the wooden spatula it can reach into all areas of the pan.

Longer angled wooden spatulas are great with deep frying, whether it is tempura or fish balls or spring rolls, the longer handle and the wide blade allows food to be lowered safely into the hot oil and also retrieved without a fuss. Wooden spatulas mean no heat is transferred up the handle to your hand, and being made of Teak, the spatulas handle the heat without cracking or splintering.

If you cook pancakes or crepes, or make hamburgers, a wooden spatula makes it easy to flip and turn the dish, and also to serve it to a plate successfully and in one piece. The angled blade and the thin edge allow the spatula to easily slide under the food.

If you sautē  meats or vegetables, angled spatulas allow you to push and move the ingredients around the pan quickly, so your food is evenly cooked and caramelized. A wooden spatula means no metallic or other taste is transferred to the food being sauteed,

Small angled spatulas can even be used to frost and decorate cakes and cupcakes. The gentle curve of the spatula conforms to the rounded sides of the cake, allowing for a clean and even finish.

If you have never thought of using an angled wooden spatula in your cooking or baking before, they are a versatile utensil to have in your kitchen.