wooden soup spoon for eating soup
April 29, 2024

Teak wooden kitchen utensils - premium wooden utensils

There are many different types of wood that are used in wooden kitchen utensils. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. But in general, hardwoods are the best woods for kitchen utensils. so woods like Teak, Cherry, Beech, Maple

Because you will use your kitchen utensils, for cooking and for serving and for eating they have to be able to deal with different situations.. They need to be heat resistant.

Not flame resistant, they are wood, but heat resistant. You will use wooden spoons and spatulas and ladles when frying food, when stirring hot soups and sauces, when serving hot dishes. 

The wood must be able to deal with the heat, not crack or splinter, and not transmit heat to your hands. Hardwoods do that so much better than softwoods. For instance our large wooden spoons, great for stirring large hot pots of food

When you eat with them, they will have hot foods on or in them. For instance soup spoons. They will also go in your mouth, and have saliva on them. They need to be able to resist both of those. Check out our wooden soup spoons, a great way to eat soups

Again, hardwoods with the dense structure of the woods are much better at dealing with the heat of cooking and serving. 

Wooden utensils also need to be cleaned, and this should be done by handwashing. They need to be able to deal with that without warping or rotting. 

Here again hardwoods are superior to softer woods, and as long as handwashed only then dried properly and oiled with a food safe oil when and as needed, they will last a very very long time

Teak especially is a premium wood for kitchen utensils. Like the others it is a hardwood, with a very high silicate level, very high anti bacterial level and an extremely dense cellular structure, making any teak wooden utensils long lasting, strong and durable.

It is cheaper to buy a bamboo or softwood spatula. But Teak wood is a much better value proposition, they last a lot longer, the do not splinter or crack and damage your non stick pans and because of the woods density and high anti bacterial presence they are much safer in terms of bacteria.

If you cook often and want a great wooden kitchen utensil, then Teak wooden spatulas should be in your kitchen.