How do I care for my wooden bowls and spoons?
December 15, 2023

How do I care for my wooden bowls and spoons?

How do I care for my wooden spoon or wooden bowl is one of the most asked questions I get either at a market or online.

My number one response is Don't use the dishwasher. Wood and dishwashers are really not good together. All our woods are Teak, a naturally waterproof wood that is used in boat decks. Yet eventually if you wash one of our Teak spoons or Teak cutting boards, they will rot out.

But cleaning any wooden utensil is not difficult, it just requires simple care and attention.

1. No dishwasher. 

2. Wash by hand in hot soapy water. Use a mild dish soap. 

3. Use a soft cloth generally, especially for softer woods. For harder woods like Teak, or Walnut, then a more abrasive cloths or brush is fine. Avoid a steel scrubber.

4.Don't soak them. Don't leave a wooden bowl or wooden spoon to soak. Doing so can lead to cracks in the wood or the oil in the wood being leached out. Wash them quickly but thoroughly and then take out of the water.

5. Dry thoroughly. Dab them dry with a dish towel / tea towel and then leave them out to air dry thoroughly before putting them away.

6. Oil with a food safe oil. How often depends on how often you use and then wash your wooden spoon or wooden chopping board, the use and washing will draw out the natural oils in the wooden utensil.