Why Wooden Spoons are Making a Comeback
July 04, 2023

Why Wooden Spoons are Making a Comeback

There are things our grandparents knew that we are only just rediscovering. I don't know how many people who come to me at markets, looking for a wooden spoon because their grandparents had one that they used for years and they now want to find one of their own.

This is something of a trend now, to go back to simple, timeless things like wooden spoons in your kitchen. What is driving this resurgence in wooden spoons? It turns out, there are several reasons why wooden spoons are reappearing  in modern kitchens.

Firstly, their natural and organic aesthetic adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to any culinary space.

Secondly, wooden spoons are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of cooking tasks, from stirring sauces to serving salads.

And  wooden spoons are gentle on delicate cookware, preventing scratches and preserving the longevity of your pots and pans.

It seems people today are finding out what their grandparents long knew and treasured. Plus the desire to find and use things that are sustainable, that are good for the planet and that keep foods safe.